Zaimo’s stage PRZ10 is a reinforced and expanded version of the Eurotruss PR10 stage. 

It can load up to 7000 kg in each PA wing, and 40000 kg in the roof evenly distributed (not in DK). 

Zaimo deliver turnkey solutions, so you, as a promotor only have to draw a mark where the stage has to be build. 

The technical specifications of the stage:

Stage measurements: 16 m wide x 18 m deep

Guitar and monitor world: 6 m wide x 12 m deep

Total measurements of the stage: 30 m wide x 21 m deep incl. barriers ex.loading dock

Loading Capacity: approx 40000 kg (not in DK) in the roof evenly distributed, as well 2000 kg in each PA wing (2 m). Alternatively, the PA wing can be extended to a load capacity of 7000 kg (6 m).

Podiums: 5 pc. of 2,4 m wide x 2,4 m deep

The load capacity of the floor: 750 kg pr m2 (standard Nordic floor)

The height of the floor: 190-220 cm

Barriers: 23 m. Included from Nordic Staging with 4 flex corners

Acces loading dock: 12 m long x 3,6 m deep

FOH: 6 m wide x 6 m long with solid floor.

Followspot tower: Covered tower with place for 3 followspots, floor height 4 m.

Clearance: 11 m

Ballast: Ballast is included in the delivery (so no use for spikes in the ground!).

The stage is 100% earth grounded.

The construction time for the stage is 72 hours (3 days) and 48 hours (2 days) for taking it down. - can be reduced significantly at an additional cost. (construction time on 24 hours (2 days), and 12 hours (1 day) for taking down.)

- The size and capacity load of the stage can be increased at an additional cost.


  • A stage, cf. the above specifications including building and taking down.
  • 1 x CO2 fire extinguisher for the stage and 1 x CO2 fire extinguisher for the FOH.
  • Sending the documents for the stage (needed for seeking building permit).
  • All transportation of the stage- and equipment as well as the stage crew to all bridged islands in DK.
  • Accommodation of the crew in a living wagon.
  • Catering of the crew until the lokal catering is up and running.
  • A stage technician during the show ( this is not a rigger for bands, PA/Light companies - they have to do that themselves.)
  • A telescopic loader.


  • That all in- and out driving is allowed, possible and safe at the agreed place of delivery.
  • Security on the stage, when not working on it. We reserve the right to have security 24/7 on the stage when building in high risk areas.
  • Power to drive the roof up, 1x3x63 CEE max 10 m from the  stage.
  • Space in the immediate vicinity of the stage for the crews living wagon.
  • Within 100 m from crew camp there should be power 1x3x16 CEE + water connection for the living wagon, which has to be ready before arrival.
  • The Living wagon has to be placed in a quiet place, and is not to be relocated from the first agreed location. 
  • Obtain all permissions that may be required for the use of the stage for the intended purpose to the desired location.