Zaimo’s stage PR16 is a Eurotruss stage. 

Zaimo deliver turnkey solutions, so you, as a promotor only have to draw a mark where the stage has to be build.

The technical specifications of the stage:

Stage measurements: 24 m wide x 15 m deep

Guitar and monitor world: 6 m wide x 9 m deep

Total measurements of the stage: 54 m wide x 18 m deep.

Loading capacity: approx 110 tons UDL

The load capacity of the floor: 750 kg pr m2

The height of the floor: 200-230 cm - subfloor 90 cm.

Barriers: 60 m Included 4 flex covers

Loading Dock: 48 m long x 2,4 m - 3,6 or 4,8 m deep

Access loading dock: 2 pcs 2,4 m wide x 6 m log each end of loading dock. 

FOH x 2: 6 m wide x 6 m long with solid floor

Followspot tower: Covered tower with place for 3 followspots, floor height 6 m.

Different follow spot tower and delay tower optional

Clearence: + 16 m

Ballast: Ballast is included in the delivery - we need access to water. 

Yellow jackets: 2 x 45 m - 5 channels + 2 x 50 m 2 channels

The stage is 100% earth grounded. 

The contruction time for the stage is 72 hours (3 days) and 48 hours (2 days) for taking it down. - can be reduced significantly at an additional cost. 


  • A Stage, cf. the above specifications including building and taking down.
  • Complete crew.
  • 4 x CO2 fire extinguisher for the stage and 1x CO2 fire extinguisher for each FOH, followspot and delay towers. 
  • Sending the documents for the stage (needed for seeking building permit).
  • All transportation of the stage-and equipment as well as the stage crew to all bridged islands in DK.
  • Accommodation of the crew in living wagons.
  • A stage technician with a 6 people crew standby during the show (not stagehands).
  • All machines for building the stage.


  • That building and driving is allowed, possible and safe at the agreed place f delivery.
  • Security on the stage, when not working on it. We reserve the right to have security 24/7 on the stage when building in high risk areas.
  • Power to drive the roof up, 1x3x63 CEE max 10 m from the stage.
  • Space in the immediate vicinity of the stage for the crew living wagons. 
  • Within 100 m from crew camp there should be power 1x3x32 CEE + water connection for the living wagons, which has to be ready before arrival. 
  • The living wagon has to be placed in a quiet place, and is not to be relocated from the first agreed location. 
  • Obtain all permissions that may be required for the use of the stage for the intended purpose to the desired location.
  • Catering for the crew.